Is it really hard to sell products worth $500…$1,000…$3,000…$5,000 or $20,000?
It is so hard to sell expensive products. Oh really…
I have been selling products worth $100,000…$200,000…$300,000 to $500,000 for more than 25 years.

I’m a Real Estate Agent turned to Internet Marketing.
Of course I sell Houses & Lots there’s a big difference when you’re selling digital products on the internet…or is there?
My point is…If houses & lots are way more expensive than digital products, then why do people readily buy it to the point of borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the bank!

People buy it because they know they need it!….and there’s your answer! Did you catch that? They buy because they know they need it!
Then all we need to do now in order to successfully sell high tier products is to let your prospect buyers to understand that they NEED it so that they should BUY it. Makes sense…

So then, Why go small when you can go BIGTIME!

Alright now…enough talk about real estate. We’re here to learn about making money online selling high tier products or high ticket affiliate programs…is that Ok my friend…

Are you ready? Then lets do this…

Selling a $10 product takes as much effort as it does to sell a $1,000 product. Let me repeat that…Selling a $10 product takes as much effort as it does to sell a $1,000 product.

Here’s why…

When you KNOW HOW to market high ticket affiliate programs the RIGHT WAY, then you can MAKE SALES. Plenty of sales!
I will show you how easy it is to sell high ticket affiliate offers.
But first you may ask “what is a high ticket affiliate offer?”
They are simply products that are in the price range of $500 to $20,000 or more.
Now that’s clear…moving on…
As I was saying…It is easy to sell a high ticket offer when you follow a Sales Funnel system. I can explain it to you better by giving you an example.

Here’s how it works…

Let’s say your first product cost $10 …that’s easy to sell right! then going down the sales funnel there is product number 2 which is a $50 upsell then product 3 with a recurring $100 , going to product 4 which is a high ticket $1,000 then product 5 worth $3,500. Now what I am showing you here are products being purchased by one customer alone. Are you getting this? This means that even with only a few customers you are getting more commissions!


Joining an affiliate program that has both a low cost front end product and a high cost product on the back end has a higher chance of survival rate. Getting higher profit means enough leverage to sustain advertising cost. Resulting to a continous flow of traffic and sales.


Let me SHOW YOU right now how REGULAR FOLK LIKE YOU AND ME are raking in a CONSISTENT $4,250.24 per month in just 28 days from now using only 100% FREE methods… Seriously this is all NEW stuff * nobody doing it and YOU will be shocked to the core when you see it, but the BEST PART IS: It’s yours… FREE… I will only be sharing this for a limited time so make sure to get instant access now!

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